As always, the undecided are the ones too scared and cautious to make up their minds until they have to, and then true to their nature they avoid change, since the status quo is safe and familiar.

In the end it does not matter:

“Those who vote decide nothing.

Those who count the vote decide everything.”

— Joseph Stalin

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Post awaiting

Post awaitng

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Hallejuelah! We are living in great times!

We should all be rejoicing.

Today we are living in an era of great prosperity, great advances in science, medicine & technology

Most of us today take for granted the power of the internet which is as interwoven into our lives as much as brushing one’s teeth. With a few clicks, and so conveniently, many of us can become very knowledgeable about any subject which catches our interest, which otherwise would have beeen dismissed due to the time & effort in going out of our way to research said subject. Instead of burying ourselves in the sand even laymen know more about eg. illnesses & diseases than the average doctor.
In short, if knowledge is power, the internet has empowered a lot of people who were previously in the dark.

Mankind is reaching the point where the laws of Mother Nature no longer apply to him.

Just 200 years ago in the 1800s, the average life span in western world was 50. Then it became 60 in the 1900s. Now in the 2000s it is 75 and ever growing.

With all the advances in medicine, greater access to healthcare, better understanding of nutrition, and other anti-aging treatments, our children might live to be 200 years.

And in that time, science and technology might extend our children’s life span even greater. To the point where mankind is no longer subject-able to natural death.

When the life span of human beings starts growing, and retirement age becomes farther and farther away, and job security becomes less and less because of overpopulation…

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UFN 24 fight: Davis v Nogueira

Just saw the Davis v Nogueira UFN 24 fight

Problem is Little Nog is a counter puncher and is too passive standing.
He needs someone to come straight forward like Luis Cane.

He should realise that waiting for the perfect counter or only throwing 4 counters in the round is not going to win the round..

He knows what Davis & other wrestlers game plan is, he needs to be more agressive and throw more power punches.
He’s still got that amateur boxing mentality of point fighting – instead of power punches making each punch count.

Davis meanwhile was as predictable as ever: 10 takedown attempts per round, succeed with 1 takedown, do some minor GnP while holding his opponent down to edge the round in the judges scorecard.
While boring & ugly to watch, he like many other wrestlers are ony using the rules which favor wrestlers and takedowns, as opposed to counter punchers & BJJ fighters

Davis ‘striking’ was awkward as hell. Every time he kicked he was off balance about to fall – and yet Nog still couldn’t capitalize.

As for the question that is always dogging Davis in coparison with Jones:
Davis is just a slightly more athletic (and better?) Ryan Bader.

Typical wrestlers with only double/single leg TDs with nothing other than a big right hand for striking are not the way forward, not the evolution of the sport..
The future is fighters with a strong wrestling base with TDs from the clinch via Greco, judo, trips etc..

Next big thing (after Jones)? No…don’t think so..

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I hate Microsoft

I hate Microsoft. But still use them. Why?

Well it’s pretty obvious, they own the platform and operate a monopoly. Is it really worth it though?  I remember the days when it was a pleasurable experience…error free experience. Microsoft have changed this, the place is now a hell hole. Linux are partly to blame, I’ll get on to that later, but Microsoft have put them in a difficult situation, increasing the number of software interoperability. When it takes longer to get everything working in harmony than the sum of parts, then you know something is wrong.

So what have Microsoft done to deserve my time spent writing this drivel?

Let’s start with the fantastic Office – what an amazing marketing idea that was.
So much so that most people using Word or Excel now pay for the whole suite.

I hope we’ll soon see users moving back in large numbers to free software like Google Docs.
I now will only use Microsoft as a last resort.

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This is a blog about random thoughts & observations

If you enjoy it come back for more.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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